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Armoured Vehicle Inspections

Armoured vehicles normally have an operational lifespan of five years (though this can vary according to the severity of the operational environment). And vehicles should be inspected every 18 months for weaknesses in the armouring, ballistic glass and chassis.

Testudo Security Consultants Limited have highly trained, qualified armoured vehicle technicians ready to provide thorough armoured vehicle inspections on-site. You’ll get a detailed report on the operational state of the vehicle and identification of any areas requiring attention. We can also recommend local workshops and supervise repairs. It’s a full one-stop shop service – both highly professional and highly respected by customers.   

We are often tasked to inspect vehicles when a warranty issue occurs between the armouring manufacturer and end – user. As a fully certified, professional independent security consulting company we can identify which problems and claims are the responsibility of the manufacturer and which faults were caused by the end – user.

How often have you heard the reply “We never modified that part, so the problem is the responsibility of the OEM manufacturer” (e.g. Toyota Japan)

Once a product is modified in any way from its original form, the dealership warranty is automatically void. If an armouring manufacturer converts a vehicle to become an armoured vehicle then they assume full responsibility of the complete vehicle regardless what they modified or converted.

Armoured Vehicle Inspections & Assessments (pdf)