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Testudo Security Consultants Limited, we provide a range of high-quality security services, including: 

  • Internal building and facility security inspections (Security Survey) Conducting a security survey during the construction phase can save time and money afterwards when alterations must be made. Observing and implementing control to access points must be observed and vulnerable areas must be protected. This is an important part of loss prevention. Fire doors are both for security and safety and the appropriate types must be installed to meet insurance requirements and safety standards.
  • External security training for Security Guards. Whether propriety (in-house) or contracted personnel are used, they must be properly trained and regularly assessed. We teach the correct search techniques for access control, mail search and visitor check-in procedures. Security Guards should be at least trained in all of these skills plus how to conduct crisis and emergency evacuation training as they will play a strong role to assist personnel and the emergency services in a situation.

We’ve also designed our own First Aid Mobile Trauma Pack (FAMTP) specifically tailored for use in hazardous regions. It was an innovation resulting after visits to many of our client’s facilities where we noticed that many buildings and organisations failed to have sufficient medical emergency packs.

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First Aid Mobile Trauma Pack

We´ve designed our own First Aid Mobile Trauma Pack (FAMTP) specifically tailored for use in hazardous regions.