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2–Day Familiarization / Vehicle Dynamics & Control (VDC) - Jávea - Xábia, (Alicante) Spain

This phase is the beginning level of our security driver-training programme and is designed to educate drivers from organizations the importance of vehicle language. Understanding vehicle language will reflect on someone’s abilities in maintaining control of the vehicle at all times and in all types of conditions. Participants attend a 2-day technical driving course to experience and understand the differences between vehicle types and various road surface conditions.
This is an important factor towards understanding why a driver must adapt to the vehicle and the road conditions. The course is conducted in two parts, Technical Theory (classroom) and Practical Driving (track). The classroom phase covers technical driving, which explains in detail the characteristics of vehicle behavior and explains vehicle language. Participants will also be taught correct vehicle maintenance, required daily checks, fault finding on causes and remedies. This phase of our training programme has been designed to certify staff members as drivers who can safely operate both armoured and non-armoured vehicles.
At the end of the course, participants have to undergo a final timed driving confirmation test, which demonstrates if they have successfully understood the aspects of vehicle language and can implement them whilst negotiating the course under test stress conditions. This is regarded as the minimum level of training any driver should receive. With armoured vehicles we also include introducing the characteristics of an armoured vehicle, explaining its security equipment, how and why this differs to a standard normal vehicle. We use fully armoured 4x4 vehicles so participants can be shown and taught on similar vehicles to the ones they could be using.