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1–Day Evasive Driving Seminar - Jávea - Xábia, (Alicante) Spain

Our 1-day seminar for barricade breaching and anti-kidnapping techniques has also developed into a regular request by clients. This seminar teaches participants to act accordingly when confronted by a potential threat; this could be a demonstration, road block or scene of an incident against another party. The main importance is to distinguish the difference between aggressive behavior and a dangerous life threatening situation and react correctly. Panic or over reacting can cause people in making the wrong decision which changes the end result of the situation as drastically as not doing anything at all. Knowing how to correctly use your vehicle in an emergency is extremely important and can change the difference between escaping and becoming a hostage. These tactics are being used more frequently by criminals and terrorist groups. Some techniques seem to work on “Hollywood” movies but not in a real situation, as everything in life there is a right way and a wrong way to do anything. Some organizations actual award their drivers a “Safe Driving Award” each year for not damaging the vehicle, this can also have a negative affect when the driver is confronted one day to react in making a split second decision. Past seminars have shown that some very experienced drivers were unable to control their nerves and make this decision. Your own life and / or those of your staff members may depend on it.