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Costa Blanca, Spain has all year round temperatures which are the same as those in the Middle East, this climate allows us to conduct training courses 300 days a year. This new facility provides the opportunity to use advanced training equipment which was previously unavailable at our other training facilities which we used due to government and custom restrictions. The environment, terrain and road conditions are exactly the same as those seen in the Middle East regions; so this provides the perfect training situation without the additional stress of long travel and visas rejections. Another huge advantage is we can offer training vehicles with right-hand-drive or left-hand-drive vehicles. The European Training Facility courses include airport pick up / return service, and hotel accommodation (B&B) in the course price. This is to simplify any administration and logistics issues plus ensuring all participants are in the same area for the training.

We currently have three (3) armoured vehicles at our Jàvea – Xàbia, (Alicante) training facility. With our preferred course group ratio of 2:1:1 (two participants per one vehicle with one instructor) this allows us with the possibility to provide a much higher standard of training. We strongly recommend that the initial minimum level of any training for drivers should consist of vehicle dynamics and control together with defensive driving. This ensures a continued progress over a three (3) day period and provides the drivers the ability to better understand and adapt to the improved techniques.

In our ever increasing strive to ensure our training standards and quality of services remain state of the art, and beyond those of other training providers we are proud to introduce the SKIDMONSTER™. This state of the art training aid assists us in providing an extremely realistic and practical approach to driver training. The SKIDMONSTER™ system is the only driver training product on the market that gives the options for a complete, modern, practical, and safe driver training experience. The SKIDMONSTER™ simulates the vehicle's actions at five times the driven speed, so driving at 20kmh would reflect the vehicle's actions if it was being driven at 100kmh. This allows drivers to see the common mistakes often made by people and experience the loss of vehicle grip & traction at a controlled speed in a safe environment. Any wrong or incorrect response will result in losing control of the vehicle's direction and causing the vehicle to spin out of control, driver's will quickly learn the necessity for the immediate and correct response required to regain control of the vehicle. This is invaluable when it comes to simple and effective training for driving in adverse conditions - no more specially built skid pans, no more expensive installations, messy water cannons or chemicals. The vehicle can be placed into "SKID MODE" by the instructor (sitting next to the driver) at any time without the driver being aware; thus providing driving conditions that are true-to-life and just as hair-raising. We can simulate the over and under steering conditions which makes the exercises even more realistic. This advanced training equipment is not only to qualify personnel as armoured vehicles operators, but it is an important part of security driver training.

The pictures below demonstrate Testudo's SKIDMONSTER™ in action

We are also fully insured by a major European insurance carrier to conduct “Security Driver Training” worldwide. We do not ask participants to sign a “Waiver” to participate on our courses. If you are unsure which levels your staff should attend, please contact us for advice and our recommendations.

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